“Stay home, Stay safe”

“Stay home, Stay safe”

Written by: Amina 

“Stay Home, Stay Safe”

This phrase, flashing on the television and phone screens for a long time now has got me thinking—

While staying home may protect us from the pandemic, there are some who need an extra layer of protective net.

For some of us ‘home’ maybe a safe haven, while for some it’s not. Safe or stuck ?

I can’t tell.

Terrifying hours with; an abusive partner,

a parents’ unending taunts,

a parent resorting to violence,

a sibling whose nagging won’t stop,

an anxious mind giving way to a hurricane of emotions,

obsessive thoughts bringing the worst out of you,

recent losses that now magnify,

health concerns now forced to minimize in light of the crisis,

a vicious cycle of worry: finance, food, distance..,

solititude that gets deafening,

a schedule: breakfree,

deadlines: unforgiving,

workload taking over sleep and rest,

academic obligations that fail to recognize one’s vulnerability,

chores and tasks slowing erasing ‘your’ needs,

eroding away of the precious ‘me’ time,

what more ?

I can’t tell.


My dear,

I’m sorry.

Im sorry you’re going through this.

I hope you are safe and taking care.

I hope you don’t lose faith.

I hope you don’t lose hope.

I hope you protect and honor yourself.

I hope you use that incredible strength and courage you own, like you always do.

And after this ends,

I hope you can tell me how you sailed through this storm, like you always do.

You Braveheart, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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