Taxis, Ice cream, and Faith

Taxis, Ice cream, and Faith

Written by: Chereen

It was a long day, filled with mostly good and a few frustrating experiences. The frustrating experiences were reminders that life will not always go as planned.

After getting some ice cream and trying to pay by credit card, the card would not work and the cash that was meant for the ride home was used instead. Only a bit was left, and that was enough to cause some stressful feelings to arise.

Here I was walking through the streets of Kuta hoping to find a taxi with the amount of cash that was left. Everyone that passed asked for double, even triple, and they were not content with the amount that was offered. I don’t blame them though, everyone has to make a living somehow.

I began to pray and I increased my hope. Surely, there was a solution. Things would work out for the better. It began to rain pretty hard, and the rain began to pour so beautifully. The prayers increased because this was the perfect time to reach out to God.

Suddenly, a taxi passed and stopped. He rolled down the window and made a simple offer. It was even less than the amount that was leftover. I thanked God and opened the taxi, only to find the adhan playing.

My heart was content. The delay in finding the taxi was for a reason, because I had found myself searching for the adhan and wishing I could hear it. It was something I had grown accustomed to, and something I miss a lot whenever I travel.

I realize that when you put your full faith in God, He gives you a solution that is even better than what you hope for. Letting go of the stress is not easy, but when you do, you feel the relief that comes after any hardship. I simply wanted a taxi, and He gave me even more. God gave me peace of mind through a beautiful adhan.

My soul was fed, and it left feeling satisfied.

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