That Person

That Person

Written by: Barah

What happens to someone when something so life changing happens to them? Generally, they become invested in it. They get consumed by it, which isn’t always a bad thing. They just went through this huge life changing event, and their entire life just took a whole new turn. They’re learning to live life differently. So, it’s expected of them to always have it in mind, and always talk about it. And that should be fine and understood by you.

For example, someone just had a baby. What do you expect? They’re going to continue life the same? Most likely not. Their daily routine will change. Their outings will change. Their activities will change. Everything will change. And you need to be understanding. Especially if you want to keep them in your life. Otherwise, find your way out. They have a little human that changed their life entirely and that little human is their priority, not you.

So please, don’t be that person who sits there and complains. That’s all you do. That’s it’s all you talk about. Because when you’re that person, you’re no longer being supportive, understanding, nor a good friend.


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