The Art of Coping with a Friend Break-up

The Art of Coping with a Friend Break-up

Written by: Marissa


Friends have a profound influence on the heart. A friend is someone to grow close with while genuinely cherishing their everyday aura. The foundation of friendship is built on mutual interests and the solid ground of trust. As a profoundly loyal companion, a friend is a go-to person in times of need. The advice a friend can offer is full of love and understanding. For comparison purposes, it is easy to say friends are similar to a chosen family.

But a friend can become the ultimate heartbreaker. If you have experienced a falling out with a friend, you are well aware of the pain and sadness following their distance. You think about the memories laying in your mind–the constant what-ifs, the words left unspoken, and the possible misunderstanding that paved your separate paths.

Give yourself the time you need to heal. It’s similar to a breakup; any heart needs mending to heal from a broken relationship. The best thing to do is not be overly hard on yourself. Think about the loss of the friend. Was this person toxic? Were they givers, or takers? Were they a good support system like you were to them? Friendship is a two-way street. Like any relationship, the boundaries need to be equal.

Remind yourself that every person who enters your life does so for a reason. I am not just saying this out of blind optimism, but from personal experience. Every good or bad circumstance is present to teach you a lesson. Being the victim of a bad friendship teaches you what you can/cannot tolerate in new friendships. Going through a bad situation is always a blessing in disguise. God knows who is right for you and will always provide you with the correct comfort.

Another reminder to keep close goes like this: A true friend is one who never truly leaves. True friendship stands steady during the test of time. As you grow older, your core group of friends will become smaller. You will begin to notice those who consistently stand at your side through the good and the bad. Let these friends keep a sacred space in your heart. Express gratitude and feel blessed for those who remain close to you. A few good friends are a priceless gift. Remind yourself this when you continue to self-blame for the actions of others.

Your energy flows where your focus continues to go. If you want to work on becoming a good friend to others, be the type of person you want to befriend. The energy we put into the universe creates a wave of good or bad influences to come along our path. Choose the admirable traits of honesty, compassion, and kindness to apply to your life. In a short amount of time, you will be delighted with the new friends coming your way. A broken friendship is a door of opportunity for cultivating a new friendship to soothe the soul.






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