The Beauty of Imperfection 

The Beauty of Imperfection 

Written by: Abeeda


There is so much depth to each and every one us. There are some who relish the exploration of the intricacies that can be found in seeking to know others and their journeys, and there are those who fear the unknown; they fear that which might be found in the depths of the souls of others.

When we love others, we should not seek to change their past or existing darknesses. Instead, it should be our desire to seek to understand them, to acknowledge them, to accept them, and to assist in shining light upon them.

There is not a single person who does not carry within them an imperfection; it is this very trait that makes us human. Just as we long to be accepted wholeheartedly, we must embrace the beauty of imperfection we recognise in others. It is only then that we can truly say that we have loved.

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