The friendship contract

The friendship contract

Written by: Chereen

Do you ever wish that friendships came with a contract?

You know, make them sign here to never betray your trust.

Or have them sign here to never let you down.

If they attempt to ruin your confidence and do not abide by the noble book of friendship, then you could report them, and they could be required to take courses on how to be a good friend. From there on, they could be held liable for hurting you or other friends.

Maybe there could even be some consequence for telling your secrets to others. Because, there must be a valid reason Laura is suddenly acting superior to you and smirking at you while with a group of friends.

You know what would be amazing? A proper burial for the friendship that sunk. You can bury your expectations, pain, frustration, resentment, unwanted emotions, broken trust, and you could even drop in the pictures you deleted off social media but saved on your desktop. During this burial, you could pour out all your tears. Then, you could walk away feeling refreshed and great.

As great as this sounds, it’s incredibly unrealistic and super whimsical. While it would be amazing to have a way to ensure that you will never get hurt in a friendship, it’s impossible to have that reassurance. What is possible though is to make it your goal and intention to be a loyal friend.

As you grow older, you will realize more and more the importance of quality over quantity. You will come to learn that sometimes no friend is better than a friend that has the potential to break your heart. It will become easier for you to let go of people that do not take care of your emotions.

Maybe you might get hurt multiple times before you recognize this, but they did say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The friendships that let you down were the foundation for the friendships that made you stronger.

Here is to hoping and praying that you pick the most genuine fish in the sea to help you swim through life in the right direction. And if you happen to stumble upon a friendship, may it be one that houses your heart happily, as you cruise through this ocean called life.


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