The glass of water

The glass of water

Written by: Khadeja

I struggled to lift my head off of the pillow. As I awoke from my medicine induced sleep feeling congested, fuzzy, and all around achy. The only thing I could think of was; water.

I turned to my husband and asked for a glass. As he happily got out of bed himself to oblige, I was hit with an epiphany.

Throughout the months leading up to this moment, I found myself going down a rabbit hole of marital questioning; “what was I gaining from my marriage?”. 5 years into this commitment and for some reason I began searching for a pragmatic answer. It’s like I wanted to see on paper what my gains were. I knew WHY I got married and also the religious benefits/reasons behind marriage; and I was blessed, but I was still searching for more.

I blame modern society for the need to get maximum benefits from every purchase, job, friendship, and relationship. We are slowly turning into robots as we base every decision on hard cold facts and evidence. Instead of just trusting our intuition and really LIVING and enjoying what we have instead of trying to poke holes. It’s almost as if we have become so obsessed with improvement in every facet of our lives that we are just on the lookout to ‘fix’ even if something isn’t broken at all. Or perhaps it gives us a sense of control in this chaotic life.

All in all, despite being heavily medicated, I realized that what I was searching for was not grand gestures or a drastic change to my lifestyle. It was the little daily things. In this instance, it was the glass of water.



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