The Influence of Energy

The Influence of Energy

Written by: Khadeja


As of October 2018, the population of earth has reached 7.7 billion. That is definitely a substantial number. That means there are 7.7 billion bodies walking, running, sitting and sleeping at any given time. There are 7.7 billion hearts beating, many simultaneously. What is even more bewildering than the amount of physical space taken up by the earth’s inhabitants is the energy field emitted from each individual person due to the emotions they are experiencing.

We are all entitled to feel a certain way at any given time, and although everyone lives in their own bubble, our energy fields overlap. We are all on this earth together, and everything we do has a ripple effect. It’s not just our physical actions that impact others, but also our mood and emotions.

We have all experienced the boss who, in a foul mood, has the ability to bring down the morale of a whole office. A spouse who is going through a difficult time and their partner and kids have no choice but to bear the burden as well. What about when you are going through some amazing life change that puts you on cloud nine, but your loved one isn’t on the same high because of how this change causes them unrest?

There are two extremes on this spectrum: those who plow through life oblivious to other people’s feelings and emotions, and those who are extremely sensitive to other’s energy fields to the point that their own moods swing in conjunction with those around them. How does one find a happy medium? How can one live their own life and still empathize with others, without having their own happiness disturbed?

I’m  not sure, but excuse me while I set off on a quest to achieve this balance and regain a little bit of my sanity.

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