The light of change

The light of change

Written by: Chereen

You feel immense pain when someone changes for the worse.

Part, or maybe all, of you has this urge to shake them and remind them of who they used to be.

Change can be amazing, but when someone you once knew so well becomes lost and doesn’t even recognize themselves, then change can be horrible.

Sometimes people listen to your plea but other times they ignore it and ignore you.

This change for the worse can be permanent or it can be temporary. It’s up in the air, and only that person truly knows what they are capable of.

Sometimes people turn off the light in the tunnel they’re in, they sit in the darkness, and they find themselves digging a hole that brings them down deeper.

Other times, the tunnel becomes too dark and deep to handle.

They search for the light, and they find it.

They turn to God, so the light can become brighter and more resilient.

Then, they make it out of the tunnel.

This newfound strength has developed from within; that makes it easier for them to go into other tunnels, to help out others.

Sometimes they get sucked in, but most of the time they light the way.

It’s a choice you, I, anyone and everyone makes.

It can be easy, and it can be tough.

But from the beginning, to the end, it’s a choice.

I hope that when you change, you change for the better.

May God light your way through the darkness, always.


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