The Lost and Found

The Lost and Found

Written by: Chereen

When you lose yourself, that’s what hurts the most. Another loss can do it for you, and it can leave you missing pieces of who you are.⠀⠀

You forget you like certain things. You don’t remember what brings you joy. It could be that a specific movie used to make you happy, but now the plot has you feeling lost and alone.

It’s inevitable that you lose yourself. You lose yourself many times throughout your life. There are experiences that are so hard on you, you get lost trying to figure them out. There are also trials that leave you breathless, and you thank God the moment you can catch a breath again.

But this breath, it’s the beginning of finding yourself. It all starts with a light breath, because that air belongs to you. And then when you begin to take deep breaths, you begin to reclaim your peace. You soon start to discover that you like things, and then you realize that it’s okay to be lost because you can find the way. And when you realize that God is near, that’s when you really begin to find yourself. Not just any version of you, but the you that can overcome and grow.

When your forehead touches the floor, you begin to remember who you are. You find that certain pieces no longer belong, and other pieces have molded into a better part of you.

You can get lost so many times because life can become difficult to navigate, but you can also be found. You can always be found, dear. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



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