The Pack

The Pack

Written by: Khadeja

Have you ever been to a group exercise class where you are really getting into all the movements and suddenly you feel like you are on a high. Even if it’s the first time you’ve exercised all month you automatically feel stronger and like you can conquer the world (let’s ignore the aches you will experience the next day, in this moment you feel invincible).

And then it happens.

Rather than focusing on your own form in the mirror, your eyes wander to your neighbor and you either feel superior – because your high kick is higher than theirs – or inferior – because they seem to be so flexible that it appears they are bone-less. These thoughts may only pop into your mind for a moment but the next few seconds are crucial:

You will either

  1. Bring your attention back to your own movement. By doing so you usually can slide right back into where you left off before your mental interruption and carry on feeling buzzed.

  2. you allow yourself to dwell on your feelings of superiority/inferiority. Guess what happens next? You will INEVITABLY stumble and lose your place/balance.

The best way to live life is by focusing on your own self. While some may view this as being selfish I beg to differ. Putting in the effort to make yourself a better person – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – is the best thing you can do for yourself. And by building your own self up you will have no choice but to positively impact those around you so really it is a win win situation!


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