The Paths of Healing

The Paths of Healing

Written by: Abeeda


As we walk through our unique paths in life, we face a multitude of trials, each of which are meant specifically for us.
Some of us will meet them face-on, staring the torment down, knowing that we can only move forwards if we pass this struggle by.

Others among us find themselves beaten down by the enormity of what stands before them, broken and exhausted by the relentlessness of calamity. As they lay fallen, they find within themselves the strength to crawl, to scramble, to slowly rise up and begin to walk again, knowing that what broke them did not destroy them.

Then there are those who walk through life hoping to simply ignore the pains that have been thrown at them. They believe that dismissing what has caused pain is a means by which their suffering will disappear. These souls, they carry the heaviest burden; they stop themselves from feeling, and prolong the agony that awaits them. It is hard enough to suffer, and worse when we force ourselves to pretend everything is okay.

Lay down the pretence, peel away the layers of protection that you have built up over the years. Feel what your heart whispers to you, let your mind accept what your soul has long come to know: You are in pain.

So now, let the healing begin.


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