The Self-Confidence Series: Part 1–Awakening the Inner Child

The Self-Confidence Series: Part 1–Awakening the Inner Child

Written by: Marissa


Our bodies are the beautiful dwellings of our souls. We are given bodies to walk earth’s journey. Each uniquely individual, we are composed of characteristics making us our own form of feminine divinity. We are whole, complete, and utter perfection in the eyes of our Creator. We are luminous humans projecting our everlasting aura from the walls of the heart. We come into this world “perfect” from the pathway of the divine. In the essence of gifting earth with new life, we are the vision of pure beauty. In great anticipation, our journey awaits us on a daily basis. The journey is ever-changing, ever-flowing, and ready to take us into its care. The earth fully embraces us with open arms, ready to encompass us fully into the world.

Along our path, we unwillingly shake hands with and become introduced to the concepts of imperfections and flaws. Perhaps this comes with our unstoppable, growing maturity and with bidding farewell to our naïve, childish demeanors. Often enhanced by bouts of insecurities, we shift our focus from inward beauty to our bodies’ outwardly visible flaws. We convince ourselves we are “less than” based on our own standards. We willingly embrace the “less than” persona and take on the complex of “not being good enough” for years to come. From this moment, we take this as our self-image. On what seems to be an endless hunt for unattainable perfection, we end up hurting ourselves. Our soul begs us from within; pleading us to see the beauty through the heart’s eyes and to ignore the constant fixations of vanity.

Instead of dismissing the soul’s true voice, we become sponges to the toxicity around us; composed of opinions, thoughts from others, and heightened insecurities.

Take a moment to think: Do you remember yourself as a child? The effortlessness in living day-to-day and the attention to small joys around you? The absent ego and fully exposed soul? I do, and it was wonderful.

What if I told you that your inner child is still alive?

The inner child never leaves our being; it is merely silenced by our progression into adulthood. That sense of wonder, charisma, and freedom still resides deep within. Did your inner child ever question your beauty? Not at all. You were beautiful as you were, and as you continue to be to this day. The lack of comparison from childhood gave us a freedom of limitlessness. We were our own true selves, and life rested easily on our fingertips. We gave love, received love, and were “love” in human form.

To start this series, I want to take you back to your childhood. I want you to go back to how you saw yourself as a child. I want to re-unlock your own sense of wonder in the world around you, soaking in all of life’s abundance and its infinite fluidity of joy. I want you to feel beautiful by your own standards. I want you to embrace the world as it is and embrace yourself as you are. Choose to go the distance beyond comparison, and choose to live your most authentic life. It starts with the beauty of the soul, and it starts today.



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