The Self-Confidence Series: Part 2–Embracing the Body

The Self-Confidence Series: Part 2–Embracing the Body

Written by: Marissa


When you catch a glimpse of your reflection, do you find genuine happiness in your outer beauty?

Our world is dominated by the endless advertisements of beauty enhancers. In my first article in the series, we discussed how with growth comes the adoption of the inferiority complex of “not being good enough” for anyone, including the self. The constant battle for body acceptance is a long, stretched-out journey. Often exhausting, there is no winner in the battle towards perfection. Comparison and insecurity are key players in poor self-image development.

Outer beauty is of a different source than inner beauty. Our bodies come into this world as the creation and divine artwork of our parent’s togetherness. All of our traits reflect our heritage, running from a long ancestral bloodline. From our nose shape to our hair color, we are a living illustration of our roots. This is what makes us individual; this is what makes us, in essence, “us.” Being uniquely “you” opens up interpretation for your own standards of beauty.

Our interpretation of “beautiful” is commonly measured on the skin’s surface. However, let’s try shifting this focus for a moment. To start, let’s look at the divine relationship between inner and outer beauty.

In actuality, inner beauty is a perfect highlight of your outer beauty. Have you ever met someone with a contagious attitude, exuding their innermost happiness and endless love to those around them? This kind of person makes everyone else so captivated by their lightness that I almost guarantee nobody is focused on their body’s flaws. The connectedness of our inner vs. outer beauty has the potential to be a beautiful relationship.

We must constantly remind ourselves that outer beauty is temporary. How long will we be young? Looks can only be held onto for a short number of years. But in retrospect, we project the beauty found inward for a lifetime. Inner beauty has no expiration date; it only becomes fresher and more developed with time. If you can pull beauty from deep within, your beauty will be a blissful treat to yourself and those who come into your world.

Today, I challenge you to combine your inner beauty with your outer beauty. Try to pull your focus to the outer traits you find appealing and attractive. Most of all, try to have a positive attitude and radiate everything you find beautiful from within to your world. Choose to be happiness, and happiness will be you. This will set the tone for your introduction into embracing your body.




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