The status of Siyaam (fasting)

The status of Siyaam (fasting)

Written by: Abeeda

Allah has said in the hadith Qudsi,

“’Every good deed of the Children of Aadam are for him, except fasting; it is for Me and I shall reward (the fasting person) for it.” (Bukhari)

We know that during Ramadan, our good deeds are multiplied up to 70 times, our sins are forgiven when we sincerely repent, and our recitation of the Quran is a means of raising our status. 

So, the reward that fasting brings is completely unimaginable…

By His mercy, this month is already brimming with so much potential for gain, and by His generosity, He extends this further. Through a secret reward that leaves our hearts filled with love for the most merciful, Subhanahu wa’ta’Ala.

It’s beautiful reminders like this that reaffirm our faith and hope in Allah; His love for us is boundless, and our gratitude towards him is endless.



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