The sunflowers secret

The sunflowers secret

Written by: Amina

In middle school, my biology teacher demonstrated an experiment in class to show us that plants respond to light. She placed a sunflower inside a big cardboard box and cut a hole in one corner. We watered it regularly. A week later the sunflower had turned its face towards the cut hole, from where the sunlight got in. “Phototropism,” she said.

Fast forward many years.

I’ve been locked in a dark room. I’m frightened. Darkness has been my only fear since I was little. I can hear the loud thumping of my heart. My eyes are welled up with tears and I can’t stop shaking. Shuffling inside the room, I’m scrambling to find the switches to the lights. Breathe, I remind myself. Time staggers. I slow down and begin to observe the blinding darkness. Soon, to my relief, a faint ray of light from under the door catches my attention. Strange! Wonder why I didn’t notice it earlier. “Yes, that’s it. That’s enough.” I walk up hurriedly and sit quietly, close to the ray of light. With a friend I found, hope.

I recalled the Biology Experiment— amidst the pitch darkness the sunflower turns towards the source of light ?

You see, today we’ve been forced into a reality that gives us the feeling as in the dark room above. It’s overwhelming, it’s frightening and we’re struggling to keep our heads above water. But is it possible? That maybe there is a ray of light we aren’t seeing. Maybe we must step back a little and look for it. Find that precious friend, hope. You could find it in many things dear to you— your purpose, your parents, spouse, children, a best friend, a pet, a plant, it can be anything!

But most importantly, know that the ultimate source of light and hope is Him alone. This darkness that’s engulfing you stands no chance next to His radiant light. Erasing away all fears and doubts, it will illuminate your world like no other. Hold onto it, my dear. You’re safe!

“Grasp the firm handhold which will never break.”





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  1. Aysha Lifam on May 19, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Beautiful piece of work! ?
    Masha Allah ✨

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