The Thief of the Mind

The Thief of the Mind

Written by: Abeeda


My heart, it slowly shatters every time I see you forget. It could be something trivial, but it’s becoming more and more frequent. I see the worry wash over you, as you shake your head to pass it off and declare yourself “silly.” Just as you utter the words, I see worry settle on your mind, and it causes my heart to break.

We have been here before, having seen others fall into senility, and it’s only natural to become anxious when the signs keep tapping you gently on the shoulder with an, “Excuse me, I think you may be next.”

Sorrow fills my soul at the mere thought of losing you to this horrible theft of your mind, to this slow and cruel condition that takes no prisoners kindly. Bit by bit, it steals all the unique beauty that is you.

All it leaves behind: A hollow shell that resembles you.





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