The Void

The Void

Written by: Abeeda

I can see it in your eyes; you’re searching for that something to fill that growing space inside.

For years, you’ve managed to set it neatly to the side. You’ve coped, and so there was never any need to explore this gnawing feeling.

As the days, the weeks, and the months crept by, you’ve found yourself less and less able to suppress the emptiness that seems to follow you around. You’ve begun to seek ways and means to fill the void; frantically distracting yourself flitting from one obsession to another. Constantly feeding your need to remain absent. And that is exactly what you have become; a hollow. For how long did you think that you could run from your own self?


Sit with me and tell me what it is you fear. Your darkness has never scared me – it has only ever endeared me.

You aren’t alone.

There is a void that exists in all of us, but some of us have simply learned to investigate its depths and accept that it exists.




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