The Waves

The Waves

Written by: Chereen


With clear eyes, you looked at me and said, “I cried an ocean and hoped to be saved by people who drowned me in my own waves. They knocked down my path and said it was a mistake. I forgave them and rebuilt it, only to find them undo it again. I gave them all these chances.

I forgot about God.

My hope was in people who had no mercy upon mankind. They projected their inability to believe in themselves on to me. I swallowed their words and mastered the art of self-pity. It was a trap that had me believing this was the only way of life, but then I saw a man on his knees asking God to help him feel alright.

Something happened that day. He went from drowning in his tears to becoming okay. The sigh that he released came straight from his heart. His situation was difficult, but his perspective had changed. I looked around for the people who would grant him mercy. I found that he had God and His Angels.

He was no longer drowning, and I wished the same for myself. I prayed to God to make me feel alright. As a result, I bid my farewells to people that were making me sink instead of swim. When I feel like I am engulfed by tears or riding a wave of them, I turn to God. I turn to Him. I do not drown anymore. I used to drown in my ocean of tears, but now I control the waves.”

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