To the Ones Who Hurt Us

To the Ones Who Hurt Us

Written by: Abeeda


In recent days, I’ve spoken to many friends who have shared their sadness at being let down by people they trusted. It has inspired me to write a statement to those who have hurt us:

“To the one who hurt me, I say:

‘You are forgiven.’

For many years, I have fought the turmoil your insensitivity created within me. You set off a series of emotions and let them implode within me. You walked away, dismissing my very existence within your world.

What remained?


Broken. Hurt. Confused.

I realize now that my emotions demonstrated my resilience. They showed that I was able to overcome all the pain that your heartlessness caused, that I was able to endure despite my internal desire to give up.

I resisted.

I thank you for teaching me that my belief in your goodness and my ability to accept your lies for truths was in actuality, a reflection of who I am. I am trusting and honest, so I perceive this world through those attributes; expecting to find from people the same things I give.”


You see, we cannot control how others treat us, we cannot protect ourselves from every hurt, but we can continue to seek the good in the worst of situations, realizing our own beauty in the face of adversity. So keep meeting this world with your endless worth.



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