To Those Who Have Known Betrayal

To Those Who Have Known Betrayal

Written by: Abeeda


I feel the pain that betrayal caused you.

I know the sorrow that comes from allowing people into your abode of trust, only to find that they ransacked every room, leaving a trail of destruction to mark where their presence once was.

What comfort can I offer beyond the words my own heart utters?

How they treated you was not your fault; you believe others because you speak truth no matter what. You assume good intentions because your heart has always meant well for them. You share your love of healing because you know the pain that has been caused through souls who made their sorrows as an excuse to bring harm to the doors of others.

Your value is not determined by those who took for personal gain–they will meet with their ill-actions somewhere along their way, and their heart will inevitably grieve for the beautiful soul they silenced with their betrayal.

Always willing you towards healing,

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