Trying to Heal

Trying to Heal

Written by: Abeeda


People close to us will inevitably hurt us, in some cases beyond repair. So what must we do when those whom we held in high esteem fall from grace?

What is most important is to take a moment and self-reflect.

No one knows our inner self better than our own selves, so you know, and I know, just how flawed we are. We struggle every single day with that internal dialogue that tries to tear us down. We struggle with the self that we project, but have not yet internalized. We struggle in our bowing and prostrating when our mind wanders onto daily concerns.

As humans, we are naturally flawed, but as believers, we strive towards minimizing our flaws as much as we can, and seeking forgiveness when we do stumble and fall. We understand our imperfections exist and so we make excuses for them when we approach our Lord somberly in prayer.

Now, switch your perspective.

That person you trusted deeply, who you believed would always be there, who you thought would never let you down, who you looked up to in every way: That person, they are just as human as you.

They fight that internal dialogue, strive to actually be that better self they project through their words and promises, and they, too, find their hearts empty when approaching their Lord. They are equally flawed.

We do not have to fully understand, accept, or forgive the hurt that others have caused us, but by appreciating that they are as imperfect as our own selves, we move one step closer to allowing our hearts to mend.



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