Why do they silence you?

Why do they silence you?

Written by: Abeeda

Shame is what they used to silence you. You were told that you could never be seen as pure because of what they did to you. They made you believe that “children must always play nice” – don’t speak about the monsters that await in the shadows.

So what came of it all?

These lies and deceits. These falsified beliefs – each single one of them has led to generations of children being consumed by guilt and pain. Losing their right to their innocence because society could not cope with the reality of the evils that lurked within our own homes.

Where does the shame truly lie?

It is in the hands of all those who chose to ignore the cries and the screams of the children who wept, speaking of evils that they tried to escape. But time and time again the monsters returned, looking to satisfy their urges, not caring who they harmed upon their quest.

Silence is the strength that we place in the hands of predators – and honor is something that is given to each of us by God Alone. If we truly believe in His justice, then let us stand stronger, and speak out against the vileness of sexual abuse that lurks in the homes of so many around us, and do not fear the empty words of cowards.

It takes the courage of one soul to shatter the silence that shields these abusers.



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