Writing contest winner #1: Janhavi Sonawane

Writing contest winner #1: Janhavi Sonawane

Written by: Janhavi  [Janhavisonawane0608]

I learnt from my 75-year young grandma what self-love truly is. From flaunting her grey hair to moisturizing those wrinkles on her skin. She has always had the concept of self-love right; despite not being a millennial.

People seem to beat themselves up for who they aren’t. And that’s exactly what self-love constantly tries to correct. It urges people to stop pushing themselves and become something they aren’t and motivates them to accept themselves and fill in those cracks in their hearts with self-love.

When you can look into the mirror and not beat yourself up for those acne scars that puberty left you with; or not push yourself to fit into a size M when your body is designed to be a size L, that’s self-love.

It’s treating yourself with your favorite ice cream despite having a bad day at work. It’s sitting by the sea watching a sunset that your busy schedule rarely allows you to.

Self-love begins with acceptance.

Accepting the colors, sizes, emotional baggage’s, and scars that every person carries with him.

The world’s a brighter place when we choose to see all the brightness that’s right within us. This choice that we make every day is exactly what self-love is.



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  1. Moin Khan on April 24, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Amazing! Best wishes with you! Keep Writing!

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