Written by: Moin [moin_khan_chd]

As the chaotic and inevitable pandemic rules the world, the churning wheel of life has stopped, and it seems like it’ll hardly start over again. But then there comes the hope which tells us that eventually one day, all this will come to an end.

Following an adage which says that “everything happens for a reason”, maybe the current ongoing situation has its own reasons too. Maybe, God has heard the silent melancholy of nature and given it the time to heal and revive. And in return reminding us for what we’ve done to it.

Or maybe he has given us the chance to reflect and realize that this world is temporary and how pathetic we’re without him. Maybe it’s the time to learn from our mistakes and never repeat them.

Or maybe afterwards he has planned something good for us because we believe that God’s timing is perfect and He says “verily, with every hardship comes ease “.

So, stay strong and hope for the best. Sooner than later all this will come to an end.


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