Written by: Shreya [Shreyap7]

‘Tough times though inevitable, they never last. It’s just a phase that we all shall pass.’

Different stories evolve around the world, each person living his own. However, the whole world is living just the one right now- ‘story of the lethal pandemic’. Dejecting as it seems, it certainly isn’t permanent and like every story has its two sides, even this one isn’t excepted. We often underestimate the power of hope. Whilst the truth being, it certainly is capable of creating some wonders. 

Anxiety when it strikes, strikes bad. Those are the times when we find ourselves far away from the path of optimism. During my lows, those around me gifted me with a beautiful thing called hope. They carried it for me when i myself wasn’t able to. They held it for me until I believed it to be the truth. It was something that helped me sail through this difficult situation. It is a similar situation worldwide amidst this lockdown

But you still have got something on your side, that wonderful thing called ‘hope’. Hoping to reunite with your family and friends will make your future meets phenomenal; because it would be something you would have looked forward to for days together. Hoping to catchup and complete all your pending tasks and projects will motivate you towards the accomplishment of your goals. Hoping for the wellness of those affected will assure you of the better times lying ahead. 

It is ok to struggle. It is ok to feel anxious. But it is not ok to lose hope. This low shall pass, and you will emerge out stronger. You will be soaring high before you even know. If hope is quiet for you now, let me carry it for you like the ones who did for me. Let me hold it for you until you are able to call it yours. We are all in this together, striving to reach the other side of the story, the better side where peace lies, the brighter side of this tunnel. Hope is the very thing that will carry you through and during times like these, it is the only thing that you are not allowed to lose.



  1. Moin Khan on April 29, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    Amazing! What a remarkable piece! We must nerve lose hope.

    • Shreya on April 30, 2020 at 1:22 am

      Thank you so much !

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