Written by: Summaiya [Summaiyashahban]

Nothing lasts forever.

Have you ever held a warm hand, or melted in a loving embrace? Have you ever tickled perfect little baby feet? Have you ever reflected on the fact that the blood flowing through that living body is what makes it warm and supple and comforting to touch? How much do we take for granted? How many times do we pass by every single day without even noticing the blessing He (swt) has given us?!

“Which of the favors of you Lord will you deny?”


I went to a ghusl course recently – which discussed the final rights. I had never reflected on losing a loved one, the way I was forced to for the duration of this course.

One thing that has stuck with me since that day is that the lady running the course advised us that when someone passes you must close the eyes and mouth of the deceased quickly and move their limbs into the correct position. If you don’t, you may not be able to do this later. You may not actually be able to re-position the limbs later. Does this make you stop and think or is it just me?! I had never reflected on the fact that once the blood stops flowing, not even another person will be able to move the limbs, that the body won’t be warm, flexible, and comforting to touch. Yes, I knew this, but I had never connected the thought to losing anyone I love.

Nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever.

Not even the warm touch of a loved one that you take for granted will last forever. One day that warm, fuzzy, and beautiful feeling will be gone. All of a sudden, I felt the overwhelming need to go and just be with my family.

Rasul Allah (saw) said “remember often the destroyer of pleasures.”

When I was younger, I just thought well why think about death? Why not just live?! What a horrible way to live life – thinking about death! I realize now one of the reasons Rasul Allah (saw) said remember death often is because death give us perspective. Death helps us to remember we really are not going to be here forever. It can ground us, encourage us to be kinder, and also help us to pick the battles we fight carefully.

In the end we have to remember nothing lasts forever and maybe if we did, we would be living more meaningful and purposeful lives.


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