You are worth it

You are worth it

Written by: Abeeda

Everywhere I look everyone seems so afraid to feel.

We are too scared to show how vulnerable we are.

It’s okay to feel sad, tired, afraid, or simply heartbroken. We don’t always have to simply be okay because that’s what we feel others need us to be – because it’s not easy – this life is not easy. 

The fear is heightened by the threat of rejection; is there anything more frightening than opening up our soul, only to be dismissed? Just the anxiety of these possibilities sends us spiraling into feelings of unworthiness because our truest self may not be deemed enough…

Let me remind you that we are more than the limited opinions of a chosen few; do not let their voices echo too loudly in your mind.

You are brave for having said what your heart felt, you have shown courage for not hiding behind facades of perfection, and most of all, you are invaluable because you are uniquely you. God created your soul knowing that you have purpose and beauty to bring to this life – silence the critics and rise to great heights.






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